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πŸ”—SUPPORT THE CAUSE: Help us HELP CHRISTIANS facing frustration and despair by sharing this GROUND-BREAKING exploration with them. Sponsor our Kindle book ad campaign and make a difference. Kindle campaigns start at $100, and every donation towards that will be a real investment in helping Christians. I estimate a preliminary campaign of $1000. In return, I have made the book available free of charge on this website


Join the Spiritual Revolution: Unlock the secrets of divine communion with “Beyond Symbols: Unveiling God’s Blueprint for Divine Life.” πŸ“– Embark on a transformative journey, unravelling the hidden keys within sacred symbolism that go beyond tradition.

🌠 “Unveiling the Hidden Path” offers:
– πŸ”‘ Unlocking Sacred Symbolism
– 🌟 Revolutionising Your Christian Experience
– πŸ’‘ A Spiritual Revolution Awaits
– πŸ“– Journey into the Depths of Communion
– 🌈 Experience Communion as Never Before
– πŸ”— Unifying Threads of Spiritual Connection
– 🌺 A Blossoming of Spiritual Growth
– 🌠 Your Invitation to Transformation

πŸš€ Dive into the pages of this extraordinary book and witness your communion with the divine take flight. 🌟 Are you ready for a spiritual revolution? Your journey begins here.  πŸ“š #BeyondSymbols #SpiritualRevolution #DivineCommunion

Read BEYOND SYMBOLS, my new book, FREE of charge here→
Download  for FREE or PURCHASE on kindle hereβ†’


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